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Who We Are

The primary focus of the National Dream Legacy Society (NDLS) is to memorialize the history of Canadian Pacific, “The World’s Greatest Transportation System,” for the benefit of contemporary and future generations.

The NDLS is a non-profit, collegial group of like-minded specialists with expertise in particular niches, that aims to preserve, study and disseminate historical information about Canadian Pacific Railway and its formerly related companies and businesses.

To do so, its members meet monthly to exchange information and discuss ongoing projects and initiatives related to the history of Canadian Pacific, with a view to sharing knowledge and resources among themselves and with other interested parties.

The Society also forms alliances with other individuals and organizations whose primary purpose is to educate the public about the history of Canadian Pacific and its worldwide activities, including the whereabouts of significant historical resources, as well as appropriate repositories for documents, artifacts and memorabilia.

The NDLS will also help your organization book a speaker for an upcoming event, to present on a topic related to the history of the Canadian Pacific Railway, its family of companies and its many associated activities.

Let us know if we can be of assistance with your Canadian Pacific-related project, or if you have any historical information or materials you would like to share.
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