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Member Output

The following articles were written by members of the Society.  They are free to reproduce, but we ask that you properly credit the author by listing his name, the article's title, as well as the magazine name it appeared in where applicable.  Questions or comments can be sent to the Society using the contact information below.  Enjoy!

Paul Clegg

Canadian Pacific - The Golden Years. October 2019 (presentation)

David Laurence Jones

The following 5 books are by David and are available through the link to the following website.

  • Tales of the CPR

  • See This World before the Next: Cruising with CPR Steamships in the Twenties and Thirties

  • Famous Name Trains: Travelling in Style with the CPR

  • The Railway Beat: A Century of Canadian Pacific Police Service

  • Railway Nation: Tales of Canadian Pacific -- The World's Greatest Travel System

The following book by David is co-authored with Marc Choko, and is available through the link to the publisher's website.

  • Posters of the Canadian Pacific

Steve Ryan

Freight Scheduling, Trains Magazine, November 2012

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